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Dubaibtc is a cryptocurrency investment company specializing in the bitcoin market. We trade bitcoins on international markets and funding by buying oil and cryptocurrency mining is our main source of income and investing the money into the cryptocurrency market which is the most effective and stabilised market in the world. 


We bring financial freedom to the world.


John Newman


I'm the head. Everything goes through me.

Jack Hendrix

Vice president

I take care of all our major oil companies to ensure investments in our company to be able to keep our promises to our investors.

Lucy Lennon


I'm responsible for your investments.

Jennifer Smith

office manager

I'm your admin. Don't hesitate on pushing my button.

Deposit Guide

100 Hours

100 Hours

Min is 0.02 btc Max is 1 btc
ROI : 10000% in 100 hours

48 Hours

48 Hours

Min is 1.01 btc Max is 3 btc
ROI : 10000% in 48 hours

24 Hours

24 Hours

Min is 3.01 btc Max is 10 btc
ROI : 12000% in 24 hours

12 Hours

12 Hours

Min is 10.01 btc Max is 50 btc
ROI : 15000% in 12 hours


Make a deposit

To make a deposit send bitcoins to following address:


50% deposit bonus will be added on all deposits.

No need to register as our system will automatically save your deposit address and at the end time of investment profits will automatically be send to bitcoin address you deposited with. 

Make a deposit
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Certificate of Excellence

Great news!!....we've just added a atm card. To receive such a card make a minimum deposit of 1 BTC and send address of delivery, name and surname via message in our site. After deposit of 1 BTC our admin will mail your card immediately. Please allow 2-10 days for delivery.

Great News